Sorted App

Description: Sorted in an app that helps new college grads organize and maximize their job search to help them attain career focused jobs. I created the brand, app and several marketing pieces to support it.

Concept: For my thesis project I was tasked to choose a problem and develop a design solution to solve it. Through extensive brainstorming and research, I found that there was a gap between graduation and students finding their first jobs. I set out to solve this problem. I discovered that new grads generally were quite poor at keeping track on the efforts they put into their job search or even where they had applied and when. I knew that creating something to help them organize the process would be a helpful solution to this problem. Since my audience is very connected to technology, I decided to create an app. The app helps them organize all the components of their job search and give them practical steps of what to do to maximize their efforts. To go along with this, I created a marketing campaign that included posters, a career fair booth, booth collateral (like brochures, handouts, cookies, pop sockets, deodorant, etc) and a website that helps students, and college career center partners learn about the app.

Prototypes (click around!)


Task Flow

Website (click to view live website)
Sorted App Map
Subway Posters
Tradeshow Booth
Digital Ads

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